Welcome to Proto Machine & MFG, Inc

Welcome to Proto Machine & MFG, Inc
At Proto Machine and Manufacturers, we are not only known as a machining manufacturer but also known as precision components specialists. We create parts out of raw metal and, using mills or lathes, manufacture it to the specifications of the order, customizing our precision custom components for various businesses. We design and generate precision components for a variety of industries including Commercial, Aerospace, Oil Industry, and Government.  What sets us apart? 

Customer focus philosophy.  To begin, our laser-like focus on customer service differentiates us.  We value our customers and will ensure production results that satisfy customer needs and concerns. We will work with you step by step to get what you desire.

When we receive a customer order, we ensure that we produce ultra-precise parts with an excellent surface finish for milling or turning.  We produce large quantities with repeatable consistency and accuracy.

On time delivery:  Our successful track record of completing and delivering orders continues, with us utilizing both commercial delivery services and local drop-offs with our company truck. 

Our machines mill, turn, cross drill, bore, or ream, to create your components with accuracy and strategic thought.  We continuously think like engineers and out of the box.  We are proud of our machinists and equipment.  We encourage our customers to get involved with us early in the design stage. This will help us to design your manufacturing ability. The milling capabilities on our machines will give you the efficiency to save you money.  Our ultra-precise and industrial precision components make your parts better. 

We value high-quality engineering and the need to create your parts at the highest standard and the best value.  Doing business with us is seamless and were are able to swiftly deliver your supreme components that are on time and beyond precision.

Established in 1984, Proto Machine & Manufacturing INC. is a growing company specializing in precision turning and milling for a wide spectrum of customers ranging from commercial, aerospace, oil industry, and government. We offer customized parts production, long and short production runs, and small assembly. Our staff is proud of our on-time delivery, attention to detail, and exceptional quality control. Contact us for a question or for a quote with any questions or give us a call: (330) 677-1700.

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Precision Components Specialists

Whatever your requirement, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation, a free quote or answer general questions about our services if you have any. We are here to help and look forward to being of service to you!

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